Tuesday, April 13, 2010

High Price of Arthritis

This article explains the difficulty with getting a diagnoses of Rheumatoid Arthritis and the sky-rocketing costs associated with this disease (and related arthritic conditions).  Personally I have had to give up on taking Enbrel because of the costs associated with it.  I am now on sulfasalazine instead.  If you have similar circumstances, please read this article and get involved with the Arthritis Foundation in your state.  We have legislation being considered in the House of Representatives. It's called the Affordable Access to Prescription Medications Act of 2009.  It's new legislation that hopes to establish a $500 monthly out-of-pocket spending limit on prescription drugs regardless whether you have private insurance or Medicare Part D.  The bill is H.R. 3799  Please call your representative and let them know the high price of Arthritis is causing medical bankruptcy, especially for Rheumatoid Arthritis patients.  

Arthritis Today - high medical cost of Arthritis

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